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One Week Marketing Review

I have to say that I am a fan of PotPieGirl, the author of One Week Marketing.

The reason is simply that she is different from most of the affiliate money making gurus. She simply has more passion for “the game” and teaching it to others than she has for money, and that is what makes the One Week Marketing so great.

Q: Is One Week Marketing A Scam?
A: No

Q: Is it worth the cost ($47)?
A: Yes

Q: Will it generate money for me?
A: Yes, if you follow the steps it will.

One Week Marketing

What Makes One Week Marketing So Different?

Usually when you buy some “make money online” products it turns out you have to buy something more like domains, services, other products, etc. This can quickly empty your wallet and really burn you if you were spending your last dollars on it hoping it would bring in some more. Well this is not the case with One Week Marketing. You do not have to spend a single dollar more (unless you want to of course).

Once you have bought the course you immidiately get all the parts (downloaded) and you can start on your learning curve and you will be making money within a few days. I tried it with a random product and I made my first sale ($25.48) on day 9 without really putting any effort to it.. and without spending a dime (now it’s been 13 days and 3 sales making it $66.99)! The only extra she suggest buying is a domain for each product you promote but it’s totally optional (you can get a .info domain at for a dollar!).

One Week Marketing is the perfect bum marketing course for newbies (and helpful for others as well).

The Simplicity Of One Week Marketing

The simple structure of the program is great. PotPieGirl has an easy action plan for what you need to do and it’s broken down to a seven day program, hence the name, One Week Marketing. So basically you will have certain tasks to finish on day 1, then on day 2 you have some other tasks to complete and so on until day 7 when you will have completed a fully functional, well targeted campaign that will generate money for you around the clock for week and months to come.. even years if you pick a timeless product. On the morning after you simply start a new campaign on day 1.

Is One Week Marketing The Right Choice for You?

One Week MarketingIf you are new to affiliate marketing the answer is yes. Even if you are experienced this program might help you gain more traffic. This program is simple, easy to follow, has a step-by-step process and you don´t need to spend an extra dime. I belive that anyone with basic computer knowledge (able to open word processor and an internet browser) can sit down with this product and start making money within a few days, how few depends on the work put in.

I´m doing an experiment at the moment, I gave this product to my wife (who is pregnant and recently lost her job due to the economic crisis) and asked her if she would be willing to try this now that she is simply sitting at home doing nothing else than knitting and preparing for the baby. She said yes (on 8th of july 2009) and I will post her progress in the comments below. She has absolutely no knowledge on marketing, sales or anything affiliate related!

How Much Is It And What Do I Get For My Bucks?

One Week Marketing PackageOne Week Marketing costs $47 which is a bit less than most “money making” programs.  It’s a one time payment and you don’t have to buy anything else.  The program consist of 5 pdf files and one readme textfile. The 5 pdf files are:

    • One Week Marketing Guide Book#1 – The 7 day, step-by-step program
    • A Conversation With Nick – Make sure you read this, it’s great stuff
    • One Week Marketing Action Plan
    • One Week Marketing Check List
    • One Week Marketing Mind Maps

If you want to take a peak inside the OWM Guide Book you can, PotPieGirl is offering the first 18 pages free.
Get the OWM Free 18 pages!



Are There Really No Downsides?

Well… there are some. There is always something that is not perfect. To really succeed with One Week Marketing you need some writing skills. If you don’t have those skills you might not succeed as others. I also noticed as my wife went throught the first few steps today that there are some minor details that could have been explained better but she was able to pull through without my help using her head and google!

Conclusion | 5 stars

One Week Marketing is simply a great product that will generate a lot of money for you if you are willing to put in the work.

Check out One Week Marketing Website

June 2011 Update

My wife has not touched her campaigns since the summer of 2009 (mainly because she finds this “internet stuff” boring. Her campaigns however (3 in total) are still generating around $2-300 every single month. If that’s not great I don’t know what is.
Could you use a few hundred extra dollars every month for years to come?

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  1. I have also looked for an honest review of Profit Miricle. Yes it seemed funny that each review ended trying to sell me the product. U say ur wife is testing 1 week marketing. What has her results been? I am new so I will ask how u find the niches to work with. For a change honesty is nice.

  2. Yes, she is trying the One Week program from PotPieGirl. I actually chose the first product to work with for her, something that I knew would work but she was not to excited to work with :) She has had 4 sales with that product and it’s been almost 20 days. It’s not much but as PotPieGirl says, if create a new campaign every week that will deliver at least $100 every month then in a year you will have $5200 in passive income.

    Finding the products to work with can be tricky. I´m going to write a post on how to select Clickbank products. But basically you want to select a product that has gravity somewhere in the range of 50-100. That means that the product is selling ok but still has not to much competition. Then you need to do some keyword research to find out if keyword competition is ok. Meaning that you want to be sure that you stand a change getting on googles first page.

    If you want I can help you selecting a product or two, I have your email, just comment and let me know.

  3. Just to explain a bit further regarding my earlier comment. As I said, she was not to happy with the product I choose for her because to her it was boring. Even so she did the work and got the sales.

    This tells you that even when working with products you have no interest or knowledge on you can succeed.

    She just started working on her second product. She is taking a bit more time on this projects as she is getting very close to labour and finding it a bit difficult sitting for more than a few minutes in front of the computer.

    She is really into this 2nd product as it relates her condition (product for pregnant women) and she is excited about writing and doing the work needed. I really look forward to seeing the results this will bring her and I will keep you guys posted. I’m actually thinking about creating a blog categorie here where she (or I) can post here thoughts and progess.

  4. First let me say thank u for ur help. Before i go on let me say i hope ur wife is doing well and everything works out fine. Actually i was thinking it would be cool to almost start the same time she did with this program and we move forward at the same time. I do want u to contact me by e-mail. I will wait to hear from u. One question that might help others and myself, do u feel the mass submitter and creator softwear combo would be a super addition for the program?

  5. She is doing really good, thanks for asking Richard :)
    I will send you an email later today.

    Regarding the article tools I know they can really boost you effort. A part of the OWM plan is using articles so yes, it would be a super addition. Currently I’m in contact with the Unique Article Wizard staff working on a deal. I’m hoping to be able to offer my readers the first month of those services for pocket change. So wait a bit, I might be able to get you a huge discount!

    I personally prefer the UAW over Mass Article Control.

  6. You sir are an idiot! Don’t ever go off running your mouth about PPG or OWM acting like you know it works. I’m the real deal. I’m a current OWMer and I can tell you right now that maybe 2 years ago this program worked but now, unless PPG comes out with updated information and modern day affiliate marketing advice, her system and steps to success are really steps to a waste of time and an open door to failure! Get the real truth at:

  7. Thanks for the comment. I did read your lens and find it interesting that you are only having two problem areas. One being that you are having a hard time getting your Ezine Articles accepted and the other being that you find it hard to reasearch and find good niches that are not over-saturated. Both of these problems will obviously affect your success with the One Week Marketing plan but no one said it would be easy.You simply HAVE to spend more time researching and learn more about it and also work on your writing skills. Since you are having a hard time with the articles I would suggest you read – you will find some great help there!

    I have had great success using Ezine Articles and have only had one article that I was asked to fix (and it was my mistake). You simply can’t state that this doesn’t work just because you have been using it for 4 weeks (got that from your lens) without success. If you were to show me your campaign I might be able to tell you why you have not had the sales yet. I’m also wondering if you are getting the traffic needed to sell.

    I just took a screenshot of my wifes clickbank account (she is using the OWM) and it shows that it’s working for her. As of yet it’s nothing much, 1-2 sales pr. week making each week about $20-40. It does tell me that the system works and she decided yesterday to put more efforts into it as it is clearly working.

    Bottom line is this: I know it works, perhaps not for everyone but it sure does for us!

  8. Marshall: Due to your complaints I decided to to find out what the refund rate is for One Week Marketing plan and it turns out to be less than half a percent (0.49%) which is extremely good.

    So my suggestion would be this, instead of complaining, why don’t you start looking for some help on this, you might be doing something wrong, you might have chosen a product that isn’t converting well and there are also other factors that be wrong.

    Anyways… good luck!

  9. For those of you unfamiliar with PotPieGirl (author of OWM) here is an Interview with her

  10. tryggvie,
    I’m really impressed that
    1. you give your honest feedback on products. I haven’t tried OWM, but do own WordPress Goldmine and MicroNicheFinder and agree with you that both are tremendous values.
    2. you treat your readers with respect even when they come at you with guns blazing, and you’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and check out their lens to see what trouble they might be having.

    I agree with you that EzineArticles (EZA) is very viable. I’ve been going at this for about 8 weeks and just made 5 sales yesterday using article marketing only (primarily through EZA). And I sympathize with Marshall. I had to apply to EZA three times before I got accepted as a platinum writer. I kept making all kinds of mistakes. My experience is that most people don’t have the trouble I did, and that perseverence is definitely worthwhile.

    Thanks for your honesty on this blog. I’d love to see a blog on your wife’s progress. I’m interested in her second project. I’ve considered the product you’re talking about and happy to see that she’s selling.


  11. Hi there,
    First let me say that i’m glad to find your reviews.
    i’m new to the affiliate marketing and to tell you the truth i’m about to leave it.
    i sold up until now 2 products. and i paid the same amount that i have earned in order to advertise in Google.
    can you help me find a new product? right now i get 1 sell for each 300 clicks. that is not prifitable at all…
    and what do you think of all the plug and play programs?
    i’m looking for some program that will help me…
    i think i will try your recommendation of One Week Marketing but it sounds like there is a lot of work to do.
    Thank you so much,
    Best Regards

  12. Hi tryggvie…im SO close to getting this ( one week marketing by potpiegirl ) and i have been studying a bit about market affiliation. Im just so scared to put some time and effort to making it happen, for im still new at this. My back is against the wall due to unemployment issues and im looking after my unstable sister ( medically sick ) and my father who cant afford retirement home. I know im gonna have to work hard and be consistent with this. I write my own articles/ journals about myself i would like to put on websites one day. Do you think i should take this path? Do you see a future that maybe 1 day you could make living out of this, and look after a family? Give me your point of view please. You seem like a genuine person to ask:)

  13. Hi Nick,

    Well, I don’t know if OWM would be the perfect choice for you but I think the path of article marketing definitely is since you are already writing articles.

    The biggest challenge for most people is the writing part… and not only the writing itself but also the part of doing so on a consistent basis. I know for a fact that the more articles you put out there (if they are done in the correct manner) the more you will sell. So effort pays off but many find the “effort part” to much of a challenge :)

    Personally I recommend OWM to those that are totally new to affiliate marketing. But I also like 4 day money making blueprint (only $29). I would recommend you start with either of these two.

    There is nothing to be scared of if you have the time to try out article marketing. Just make sure that you spend 50% of your time on learning article and affiliate marketing and then 50 % of your time on DOING what you have learned then you WILL have success!

    So many fail because the spend no time on doing the actual work.. they just keep reading. Making mistakes and running into walls is a part of the process.. it’s how we learn… you can only learn so much from reading… the real lessons are in the doing part!

    Feel free to post any other questions you might have (if you have any private questions the simply post a comment and put “privat question” at the top.. I will then not publish the question)

    Good luck Nick

  14. Greetings tryggvie……….

    I just came upon your site and subscribed. I found you while looking for a review about Rich Janitor. I won’t be spending the money thanks to you.

    My 4 year efforts working online have produced just about zero results. I’m in that 95% have been scammed to death.

    I’m going to try OWM and 4 Day Money Making Blueprint as you sugggested to Nick.

    Looking forward to the Step By Step Guide that you referred to in your review about the product from Brian Johnson.

    Is the guide anywhere close to being finished?

    Keep up the great work.

    And since this blog has a time line from July 2009 to June of 2010, Your child must be coming up on a year old? Was it a boy or girl?



  15. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for the comment. It was a girl and she just passed the 9 months old marker few days ago :)
    It’s a lot of work having a baby but the joy and fun makes it SO worth it.

    Anyhways.. to your question regarding the step by step guide. I was flooded with work the past 7months or so.. but a couple of weeks ago I got rid of my last big client as I’m going almost full time to affiliate marketing. I decided to do the guide first in my native language (Icelandic) just the get a clearer view on things in my head of what I want to do and how. I’ve created just about 70% of the material and I’m estimating that I’ll be done with the Icelandic part in a week or two.. then I will do a translation of everything to English. So my guess is that you should be seeing some material later this month!

    Keep fighting and don’t give up Gary… the money is out there.. and you are getting closer and closer to figuring out how to get your hands on some of it.

    Good luck,

  16. I was reading through your comments and I think you gave Marshall Adler some great advice. I always wonder why people insist on blaming products like OWM instead of taking a look at themselves since OWM clearly works for a lot of people.

    If you’re having problems with your writing, then work on your writing. Problems with finding niches, then read up other material on finding niches.

    One question I always see is if it still works. It does. I don’t usually buy a lot of IM ebooks but PotPieGirl is someone whose advice I would listen to anytime so I had to get it. Just reading her blog is enough to keep you on the right track but for something more structured, OWM is a must have resource.

  17. I just don’t know where to start, if I knew what a niche was or if I knew that I wouldn’t need to pay for top positions on Google, or anything else then I would probably buy the program. Help what should I do?

  18. Hi tryggvi,

    I’ve been trying to make money online since late 2009 and my results has been really horrible. I feel i am doing it all wrong. You can say I’ve been giving my all in Internet marketing Since december 2009

    I have learnt alot though, i know how to set up self hosted wordpress sites, made a couple of other commissions only because i was active in forums for that particular niche, but that was it.
    I studied alot (a heck lot)about affiliate marketing.

    The problem I have is choosing the proper niche. I am even subscribed to UAW but I feel while it works I rly do not have the right niche to choose.

    Is there any advice you can give?

    I intend to get OWM soon

  19. As an autoblogger I keep looking for ways to simplify tasks. I hope the methods potpie girl teaches are simple for newbies. BTW, I’m not a newbie but I’m concerned about newbies.

  20. Spot on with this write-up, I really think this web site needs far more consideration. I’ll probably be once more to learn way more, thanks for that info.

  21. I want to point out my admiration for your kindness for those people who really want assistance with the idea. Your special dedication to passing the solution throughout had been especially useful and have surely allowed those like me to achieve their objectives. The insightful instruction denotes a lot a person like me and substantially more to my peers. Regards; from each one of us.

  22. Hi, my problem is English is not my first language and Im having hard time trying writing articles. Any program or resources that help those who are not fluence in English. Thanks for your honesty tryggvie I’m thinking of buying OWM. I really admire and appreciate Jennifer. Thanks!

  23. After buying and using One Week Marketing for a month now, I find that One Week Marketing is not what it is cracked up to be. Not by a long shot. Potpie girls claims it is step by step. It is not, at least not the way I define step-by-step.

    In One Week Marketing, you read on PDF book, some things aren’t so clear, but it is made clear in another of the PDF books, but nothing is mentioned about this or that, but wait, it is in yet a 3rd ebook. So you go jumping arond all over this place. Step by step usually means one step at a time in sequential order. And you only get all these ebooks if you buy the $77.00 premium version.

    I have also put up my Squidoo lens and done everything else according to the instructions, and my lens still only get about 3 or 4 visits a week, and it’s not that I can’t follow instructions. I am good at following instructions and I am following Potpie Girl’s instructions to a ‘T’, and still hardly any visits, let alone any sales.

    I have also sent her a ticket on a question about this that I had, and I did that more than a week ago and I still have not gotten a reply from Potpie girl either. Well, that’s my report on One Week Marketing.

    I have also noticed that all the glowing testimonials are from affiliates promoting One Week Marketing. I don’t know if that’s the case here, but I see many hyped up reviews all with One Week Marketing affiliate links.

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