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The Rich Janitor Review

In The Rich Janitor Review I will go into details what you get when you buy this money making program, if it delivers as promised and how it compares to other similar affiliate training “systems”

I have bought quite a few of these kind of programs for both personal use and for review purposes so I was really excited after reading the  rich janitor sales page. It makes a few big promises and talks a lot about “a powerful new method”.

So I bought the damn thing… I have gone through all the material and now I want my money back.. and I’ll tell you why in details.

But first.. here is the short Q&A version of The Rich Janitor Review.

Q: Is The Rich Janitor a Scam?
A: No, I found it to be Profit Miracle in a new package with a few new videos added.

Q: What is The Rich Janitor all about?
A: Well, it’s basically Profit Miracle (an article marketing program I find bad) plus a few new videos.

Q: Is it worth the $77?
A: For a total newbie.. No, not in my opinion.. but for someone with some knowledge on affiliate marketing.. sure.

Q: Would I recommend this product to a friend?
A: No – There are many other similar products I find far superior to  the Rich Janitor

Product homepage: The Rich Janitor

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Now… The Rich Janitor Review in details!

I will not bother you will details on all the broken promises from the rich janitor sales page but they are quite a few. Once you have purchased the rich janitor you are taken through 3 upsells before you can access the rich janitor membership area.

The membership site has 8 sections: Videos, eBooks, Articles, Campaigns, Resources, FAQ’s, Contact and Coaching.

Video Section: There are 26 videos here and just over half of those videos are the same you would find in Profit Miracle. The new videos are: There is a video called Millions made online which is basically a know affiliate marketer showing some of his vendor accounts telling you how much he makes online.. so no training or teaching here.

Then there are 4 videos in a “seminar series”
Seminar video #1 – Internet marketing This video explains how things work in affiliate marketing but don’t show you how to do anything.

Seminar video #2 – Endless profits Similar to video 1 where the ‘trainer’ shows you, using a whiteboard and a marker, how affiliate marketing works. No training, no “how to do” and no steps shown.

Seminar video#3 – Website fortune This video tells you how an affiliate website works but does not show you how to build one (there is another video series for that…see below)

Seminar video#4 – Social Networking Cash. This is the only seminar video I like because it does give you a pretty good idea on how to use social networking to generate traffic to you affiliate site. But again… no steps shown, no training, no how-to-do.

Then there is the “Build a website” video series – 4 videos in total
The “how to buy domain names” video is very good but the rest is terrible. They basically show you how to transfer files to you host provider using an ftp program (on a Mac computer). They don’t show you how to build a website and they dont show you how to monetize it or anything on what works and what doesn’t.

Then there is the video on building lists and using aweber
Well.. this 6 minute video shows you how to make a segment from an already created list and how to broadcast to them. Then you are told about the option “follow up message” – and that’s it… there is actually no real value here since there are much better videos on segments, follow ups and more from aweber.. and they are free if you are using aweber :) So basically.. doesn’t teach you how to build a list.. doesn’t teach you how to create an e-mail campaign.. doesn’t teach you how to build up trust to you audience.. and the list goes on. Really sad video!

The rest of the videos are the old vidoes from Profit Miracle website

eBooks section:
It holds  4 ebooks…
The official Profit Miracle manual by *name removed by request*
MachineGunMarketing by *
name removed by request*
The official CopyTheBlueprint Manual by *
name removed by request*
The Lazy Man’s $1,927 Per Day Cash Formula. by Mr X.

Articles section:
Sigh… don’t even get me started.. this section holds the terrible “article generator” from Profit Miracle ..just read that review if you want to find out how bad I think it is. But just to give you an idea… here is a sample from an article it “generated” for me in the Stop Bed Wetting niche.

Parents Guide to Stop Bed Wetting

There maybe so many ways for you to choose from when it comes to bed wetting issues. We will be there for you every step of the way.

Parent Behaviors

It produces a loud or vibrating signal that will wake the child. As early as 3 years old they know how to feel. How to deal with this is in the book too. Has it occurred to you that maybe your behavior towards the issue may affect your child to get over the situation as well? Somehow, you as the parent have to learn to cope up with the child’s condition as well. He is fastest way to all information about our own difficulties. It is not yet proven that hypnotherapy is an effective way but some say it does. Other drugs need less water intake because it causes intoxication. It might be very helpful to train the children in waking up at night to go the bathroom.

…sigh…yeah.. it’s really this bad.. articles that make no sense and are absolutely useless!

Campaigns section:
It’s basically a list of just over 20 products/niches you can find on clickbank. This is the same list as on Profit Miracle. I find it both funny and sad that quite a few of the products suggested you should promote and sell are actually products owned by the ‘trainer’ for the videos.. so basically he is telling you that the best products to promote are his products.

Resources section:
Just a link list to sites like, GoDaddy, HostGator, Aweber, Clickbank, etc.

FAQ’s section:
Finally.. a section I liked. It explains a bit about affiliate marketing and how and where to start. No real details but easy to read and simple.

Contact section:
Place to contact someone

Coaching section:
Well it says… “sign up for a free consultation” – I’m guessing it’s the same as in Profit Miracle.. I got a free consultation there but to continue the coaching I had to be willing to spend from $5.000 – $30.000 with no promises of results.

And that’s it.. now you have all the details from The Rich Janitor Review and you can make an informed decision on whether to buy or not. Personally I want my money back as I think the Profit miracle is worthless. The new videos don’t teach or show me anything. I have found much more value in many other programs I would rather recommend.

Product homepage: The Rich Janitor

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  1. I wrote an article informing people about that error as well, after discovering it here. Thanks for that. I don’t want to mislead anyone into buying something that has such a huge error and may not live up to its promises.

    You can read my article here, if you’re interested:

  2. This is such a disappointment. I was excited about it but decided to look at the feedback first.

    I’d purchased another one of Jamie’s products and got a refund because it was useless.

    Meanwhile, I came across a video of him and a couple of his business associates. In one quick take, one of his people was changing the figures on a Clickbank account. He was really proud of himself for being able to create the deception.

    Seeing more evidence that they might have created false documents to fit their story line is just sickening. They know how to do it. And appear to be proud of it.

  3. Thanks for the comment Kelley,

    I couldn’t agree with you more… it’s just sickening. And very sad that so many “affiliate marketers” put out “It’s a great product”-review without ever taking a glance at the product. One has to ask.. is it really ethical to review a product without ever seeing it?

  4. Hey guys,

    I came across this review and figured I would comment. RichJanitor has licensed alot of my material and I fully recommend it because there is so much there. Mike is indeed sharing his story with you and as we know by now, we do not need to “doctor” screenshots,. :( I am dissappointed first that Triggvie still has a vendetta even after we called off a suit and I think this person “kelley” was referring to a comedy video in where Clickbank bars “explode” off my screen so I am sorry the humor wasnt identified in that one. LOL! Bottom line, let’s not regard RichJanitor as being “profitmiracle” with a few videos added” when it is really a combination of all of my programs. This is supposed to be a good thing people. If you guys are perhaps upset that your online business hasnt blossomed yet, give me a call sometime and I will show you the ropes.

  5. It seems to me like there is a lot of jealousness going on. tryggvie, what makes you such an expert on what is right or wrong on the richjanitor or anything else for that matter when you can’t even use correct English. I have purchased several of Jamies programs and I have found the information VERY useful. I’m not great at affiliate marketing yet but I’m learning. Seems to me like if you knew it all and you were qualified to be giving other people advise on what to buy or not to buy and also writing long reviews about marketing and other peoples products then you would not have had a need to purchase richjanitor and you would be making money yourself instead of having to learn from Jamie. Every time I purchase a product off of the internet about how to make money, I do so with the idea that its not going to make me rich but make me smarter. I will eventually learn how it all works and with the help of Jamie and the creators of the other products I have purchased will eventually not have to buy products like this any more. If you want to learn from the best, in my opinion Jamie is it. P.S. tryggvie where are your products? Where is your website? How much money do you make? Compare that to Jamie and I’m pretty sure you will see who knows what they are talking about.

    To Jamie: Keep up the good work man! I love your work. You are my inspiration and I look forward to someday being in your shoes. Your products are very informative and I look forward to seeing what you release next.


  6. Hi Gregory and thank you for the comment. I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.

    First off, you are right, my English isn’t perfect, but that’s only because I’m from Iceland and didn’t learn it as a first language.

    You ask what makes me such an expert on what is right and wrong with the Rich janitor program. Well, I guess that it’s my 12 years of experience as both online and offline marketer. Also the fact that I buy a lot of these kind of products out of curiosity and hope that I will learn something new. That also makes it easy for me to compare this product to many others. And as a mentioned in my review, it’s sitting very close to the bottom of the barrel as being one of the worst I’ve bought.

    You also ask where my products are and how much I make. In short I own and run a very successful marketing company here in Iceland that not only does marketing and sales strategy for both small companies and large corporations (both offline and online ventures) but it also runs a training center and I currently do training modules for both the University of Reykjavik and the Icelandic Trade Council.. just to name two of my clients. I feel no need to share my revenue stream with the world but I can assure that both me and my company are doing very well. In addition to those I like to do a little affiliate marketing for fun when I have the time.. and that’s bringing in a few extra thousands pr. month.

    Now, you seem to be under the impression that I find Jamie a bad affiliate marketer. You got that wrong, he is a great one. It’s just that I find his training material bad. I personally know a few clueless people that bought his products due to the fact that he states that “anyone can use them and make money easily, it’s all kind of set and forget.. no experience needed” – and those people were just as clueless after going through the material since it’s not done right. The Rich Janitor is certainly a big step in the right direction from Profit Miracle but there is just so much material and details missing that a newbie will be just as lost. And since the product is marketed to newbies… I think it sucks. :)

    Bottom line… am I jealous? No, I just feel sorry for all the people getting sucked into spending money on something so close to being useless when they could have spent less and gotten so much more!


  7. Tryg buddy.. Right away you assume that this is my product. You dont know alot about the industry. 50% of my business is in music and I do not like or agree with alot of BizOpp politics, but since alot of IMer’s choose to promote my instructional videos you glue me into those politics. I see you as a very bitter and aggressive slime. You are quick to assume that this was my website when my content was licensed. You are quick to make a stink out of a screenshot that is real. You are quick to continue to try and hinder my name and it is time to have a good talk. I have worked a ton on material which is free to use on the web, while you make money with affiliate links badmouthing a few video instructional programs to gain leverage.

  8. University of Reykjavik and the Icelandic Trade Council? Are you kidding? You must not get out much. I’m willing to bet that NOBODY that will ever read your gibberish will even have a clue where, who or what those places are. Further more, I’m not sure what you working in ICELAND has to do with knowledge of affiliate marketing, and enough knowledge to suggest to people what a good program is and or what to buy. I am very happy with my purchase and I will continue to learn. If you were doing so well, then you would not be needing to buy programs like Rich Janitor. You must have a really boring life. I mean to just sit around and talk about other peoples products. If you think you are so qualified, maybe you should come up with your own product for us. I look forward to seeing what you ” the expert ” would have in store for me.


  9. And this business about RJ being “the bottom of the barrel” give me a break. My information is bad? Well I have news for you. I dont so much spend all my time on video appearance, rather I want my students to get results so I capture it fast, I do not hold anything back since I do not care if you compete with me. My stuff is the real deal. Who would you rather learn from? Miles Davis or a 19 year old jazz musician with a $20,000 technology his rich daddy bought for him. Would you rather study boxing from Rocky using the land and trees or would you rather Ivan Drago with the technology. I am Rocky dude. My stuff works, vendor, affiliate, autoresponders whatever you need. I also take time to speak to people as well. It comes down to the sales funnels which I have nothing to do with most of the time, but the irony is these sales pages are not even aggressive! It is instructional! And we are all very close knit and speak with our students! I deliver and these politics are just straight up diseased. I enjoy showing my excitement for affiliate marketing and I capture everything while the products you have given 5 stars to are devious, they do not work, rather they worked hard on making sure the videos looked good, so suckers like you would fall hook line & sinker.

  10. alert(“this site sucks”)

  11. “26 videos, half of which are from profitmiracle” then you go onto explain ONE of them in a negative fashion. This is unfair competition. Good luck :) You will be hearing from our legal team Tryg, this is not even my site and you are using my name while promoting products.

  12. Looking forward to it. You guys should also put your reading glasses on, I did not say “your information is bad” – I said I find the training material bad, which is a totally different thing. I also think that if this stuff is so awesome and everybody is so happy with it then who cares about one guy from Iceland not liking it? Right? I find it amazing that as soon as one guy doesn’t like a product then it’s all “You will be hearing from our legal team”.

    We shall see…

    Have a great weekend people,

  13. “You guys?” LOL Tryg, I know there in iceland your justice system is pretty lax, but there areinternational trademark and fair competition laws. You are clearly affiliating products on clickbank using my name. Please dont.

  14. As requested I have removed your name from the review. Just let me know if you would like me to remove it from comments also. (and if you would like me to remove your comments)

  15. Hello all, I have purchased the rich janitor and found alot of useful material in it.I really do not have any authority in this marketing business as of yet but I have purchased alot of products that to me were useless this not being one of them.I am just now getting into internet marketing and this blog caught my attention.Did not realize things got this heated up.LOL with that being said,I reserve the right to keep my mouth shut.Good luck to all,and keep on keeping on.

  16. Thank you, and great catch on the earning statements. You would think the writer of the sales page would have caught that one. I’m a newnewbie, and was on the fence about this, and even got it down to $19.00, but just saved it for now. We’ll see, but I don’t think so. $19.00 is nothing, but the time, and aggravation isn’t worth it.

  17. And for goodness sake, why dont you announce here on your little blog that you are simply an affiliate marketer who is making commissions from that nice little banner above and included within every article. Your a parasite who can only survive by writing garbage. Compare what I do to what you do. LOL

  18. I’ve seen jamie’s stuff. I actually really like it – honestly. I think he also has a very unique high-energy style at teaching and is not boring. thanks for everything jamie. I actually made my first $500 from your very program. i just felt obligated to come out here and support you with my real feedback on this. hope to learn more from you.

  19. Hi. I have been looking at some comments on this product. Many of them have only good thing to say about The rich Janitor. I am totally new in this. Have been reading a lot of it last months, but I have not earned any online. I have bought 2 different program that say it is so easy and everyone can di this is 2 hours or less without any experience. This havent been the truth in this 2 programs I bought. And therefor I try to find out if its so easy here or if I have to watch 26 videoes first. It means I can never put up this in 2 hours then? And one more thing: I was at first ready to buy this system, and after reading the review I didnt want anymore. And then i read this comments here. And now I am really confused. I am a hotelmanager and are used to beeing professional, and when i read this shit you are throwing to each other I am not sure if I wanna buy something at all. Because in my head a professional will never start making a fight in a forum? I think this ruined it. I am looking for a system I can earn money online with, and would appreciate if someone of you experienced people can give an good advice instead of this useless shit throwing. I want something that is easy to understand since I am new in this, but also something that works fast. This is something that i will do in my freetime in the beginning, and hopefully live of it after a while. Looking forward to respons.

  20. Thanks for the kind words Pat.

  21. I have to say that I have bought this product and was disappointed to be quite frank. Waste of money. I did find a couple other good ones though. How To Get Rich Easily This was a good read and provided me exactly how to do things step by step. The thing with the rich janitor was that it was vague and I didn’t really understand it clearly. Give that link a try if you want something concise

  22. first off ur english is quite perfect! and secondly, U JUST SAVED ME 77 BUCKS so thank you n god bless!

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